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Rabbi Zecharia Reznick

Rabbi Zecharia Reznick was born in Chicago and lived there for over 17 years. From there he traveled to Israel where he studied in yeshiva for many years. Rabbi Reznick has dabbled in many different fields including: education, retail, computers, and restaurants. He even once was involved in the exciting career field commonly known as merchandise-transport engineering. This involved the returning of the shopping trolleys from the car park back into the store. He showed tremendous courage especially when there was a lightning storm! After studying in yeshiva he came to live in London with his wife, Tamara (who is British) and family. Rabbi Reznick's role at the JLE is to run the Beis Hamedrash, assist guys in their learning, give classes, and occasionally to close the window in the Beis Hamedrash due to rain and lightning.