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Rabbi Dr. Harvey Belovski

Rabbi Dr. Harvey Belovski is the rabbi of the Golders Green Synagogue.  A graduate of Oxford University in maths, he gained semichah at the Gateshead Yeshivah, studied at the Beis HaTalmud Kollel, and completed a PhD at Birkbeck on Chassidic hermeneutics.  The author of or contributor to several books, he lectures and counsels widely, contributes frequently to The JC, and runs the popular website,  He is the Rabbinic Mentor of Chaplaincy, a teaching and research fellow at LSJS and the ‘Ask the Rabbi’ of PaL.  His areas of expertise include 19th-century Chassidic thought, midrash, contemporary halachah and developing independent-minded students.  He teaches regularly in the JLE Women's Programme.