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Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein

Rabbi YY is probably the most sought after Jewish speaker in the U.K. He regularly speaks in the United States, Gibraltar, South Africa, Israel and Belgium. He is a regular broadcaster on National BBC TV & Radio and the "Terry Wogan Show" which is the UK's largest Radio Show with 6.5 million listeners. Four years ago the "Independent" Newspaper cited him along with Tony Blair's Mentor, as being amongst five people in the Britain to turn to for advice. He writes for "HaModia" and teaches at the Beis Yakov girls Seminary in Manchester as well as Ezras Torah Yeshiva. His main position, is Campus Rabbi for the North West of England serving over two thousand Jewish Students. His Book "Dancing Through Time" is available worldwide and his next book, "Where Time and Destiny Meet" is due for publication in the near future.