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Thursday, August 2

Rabbi Benjy  Morgan
for men only
Young Professionals / Men's Beis Hamedrash
Synagogue Services
Rabbi Danny  Kirsch
for men only
This 45min shiur will give you invaluable insights into the parsha of the week and its relevance to the 21st century. This all-levels morning class is a great way to start the day.
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JLE Highlights / Men's Beis Hamedrash
Rabbi Dovid  Sulzbacher
for men only
Preparation/Revision for this shiur is a prerequisite; chavrusos available. the objective of this shiur is to advance in independent Talmud learning and develop skills in Rashi and Tosfos. Learning Succah
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Men's Beis Hamedrash
Rabbi Zecharia  Reznick
for men only
Some exposure to Talmud expected. the class aims to increase basic Talmud and translation skills, giving his students confidence to progress in independent Talmud study & Rashi (preparation encouraged). Learning Succah.
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Men's Beis Hamedrash
Synagogue Services