Mar 30, 2008
including details of how you can win a vespa

An unusual world record looks like being broken by a fearless adventurer from the JLE this Purim. Mr P Spiel of 43, Kugel mit Cholent Driveis attempting to break the record for the number of Hamentaschen jumped over on a Vespa Scooter. The record is currently held by Bobby Meise of California who cleared 32 Hamentaschen (Kein-eine Hora) in 2006.

Can you tell us how you got into this unusual line of work?

Well I haven't always been a daredevil stunt rider you know, although I guess it was my first job that gave me a taste for adventure; I was a shark dentist. After doing root canal work on a great white, believe me jumping Hamantashen on a Vespa is a breeze.

So why do you think you'll be successful this year?

Well if you must know - but this is between us - I've found a new fuel for the Vespa… recycled JLE Diaries.

What about your rivals?

Rivals shmivals. From jumping they know? You heard about this Mo Shigena from Antwerp? He tried to jump over 36 Hamentaschen last year.

What happened?

What happened? It was overruled. A Belgian Kashrut Authority enquiry showed that the Hamentaschen weren't kosher.

Do you have a message to share with us?

Well I've learnt a couple of things in life. Firstly, it's really hard to read the megillah when you're varnishing an octopus. And secondly I've learnt that although Purim may seem like an excuse to be silly, you just need to scratch the surface to see that there's really quite a serious point to it. There's probably someone giving a talk about it somewhere. Have you seen my Vespa?

This year’s attempt will take place at the JLE’s Purim party, 154 Golders Green Road, on March 21st at 7pm.

The vespa at the heart of the record attempt, will be raffled off in aid of the jle, the following wednesday Night 26th March 2008. Tickets are just £20 each.

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