May 2, 2017

With the summer season in full swing many will be taking off on their summer holidays. Some will travel by air, some however will take the challenge to drive to their holiday destination. With the invention of GPS, otherwise known as “Sat Nav” travelling by car has become a much easier experience, especially for those who have no sense of direction. Throw away your tatty A-Z books and buy yourself a Sat Nav. 

Sat Nav’s have proven to be more successful than marriage counsellors! Instead of husbands and wives quarrelling about which turning to take off at the next roundabout the Sat Nav has brought peace and tranquillity to many couples.

Sat Nav has also assisted on the dating scene, no need to get nervous or panic on the date, relax, take your Sat Nav with you and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber (woosh! J)

Did you hear about the man who was on his way to a funeral using his GPS, as he arrived at the cemetery the GPS said “you have reached your final destination”

I heard from one of my teachers in the name of Rabbi Dessler that one of the reasons

mankind is endowed with the wisdom to discover new technology, is in order to convey a spiritual message to us. The invention of video cameras reminds us that G-d watches and records our every deed - big & small, good or otherwise & will relate to us accordingly. Similarly mobile phones, which can communicate with anyone, almost anywhere in the world, teach us that you can connect with your Creator wherever you are.

So what’s the spiritual message of the Sat Nav? Here are a few ideas to get started with:

  • A GPS can only get you to your destination if you know exactly where you want to go. Similarly a person can only truly grow spiritually if he has a clear goal of where he wants to get to.
  • If you don’t follow the advice of the GPS and you take a wrong turning the GPS will re-route you, to help you back on track, similarly if we slip of the spiritual path G-d will always assist us and help us re-route.
  • Sat Nav’s always stay cool, calm and collected, even if the driver makes several mistakes, the Sat Nav will never shout at you “I told you turn left, why don’t you listen to me?” Let us try and keep just as calm with all those around us.

Let me know if you have any other ideas. Have a great summer break.

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