May 1, 2017
Predicting the future, is to put it mildly, a complicated art. I'm writing these words having just returned from a glorious two weeks in the picturesque lake district, you will only be reading this a few weeks after I first put pen to paper.
So I'm wondering...what will happen in the interim? Stock Exchange up or down? English cricket up or down? Which famous individual will commit what felony? Predictable?
Actually there are a few things that are predictable, how about trying this: compose a list, look at it again in a few weeks and see what has become of your OWN very personal predictions, ironically we may not be prophetic in our predicting, but we are very predictable.
For example, this month:
  • I'm going to try really hard to tell the truth
  • I'm going to do two acts of kindness every day
  • I'm going to take a couple of classes at the JLE to prepare myself for the High Holy days
  • I’m going to make sure I’m on time and reliable choose your list!
Can you predict your own personal outcomes? Well, there are many factors which are beyond our control, but what about those which are in my control? Can I create strategies to insure I have a greater chance of success? Can I overcome deep rooted modes of behaviour? Can I break free of ingrained attitudes?
Judaism says you can, and the weeks ahead as we prepare for the new year, are a perfect time to find out how.
May we all be blessed to be written and sealed for a wonderful and meaningful year ahead. And may we all excel in finding successful strategies to changing those areas of our lives that really could do with a change.


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