Aug 30, 2006
How amazing is your brain! Not yours particularly, but the human brain generally. Think about the amount of information that goes into your head and is stored/trapped there forever? Just think about how many useless things you remember.
For example, I remember the shoes I had at the age of five. At ten I learned a song which listed all the fifty American states and I can still sing it and at seventeen I worked in Toys R' Us. To this day I can tell you where everything is located: GI Joe action figures are with all the action figures in aisle 7C. Barbie has her own aisle in the back corner 13C. Bikes are in the middle of the store filling 5B through 7B. I must admit there were a few instances when a customer asked me where an item was kept and I didn't know the location. Being very young at the time and not wanting to admit my lack of knowledge I would send them on a wild-goose chase.
How many Tube stations could you list by heart? How many jingles from commercials can you sing? People can discuss volumes about sport. Information about athletes, which team they played for, when, how many home runs they hit in 1978 (sorry I mean how many runs), their heights, and even their shoe sizes.
Why do I remember all this? Will it ever help me in life? (Especially since Toys R' Us changed all the aisles after I left!)
Of course the advantage of acquiring spiritual information is that you actually benefit - not just now but throughout your life - from remembering it. It feeds your soul and your mind.
Health checkups are in vogue at the moment. Imagine a different type of brain scan which first gave your brain a little "wash", then put a filter on which only lets in information you deem worthy:
·           what would you think about?
·           what would you try and forget?
·           what would you see?
What do you want your brain to remember? Life.

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