JLE Online

Dear Friends, In these challenging times it is imperative that we maintain and continue the vital work of the JLE, and not only survive – but thrive. Our scheduled programs will continue in new formats and in a range of platforms. Stay tuned for updates. We wish a speedy recovery to all those who are ill and good health and well-being to all. May G-d bless and keep all of us. The JLE team.

Upcoming highlights:

Why Things Happen

Sundays 24 Jan - 21 Feb @ 21:00

Understanding G-d's relationship with us and the universe A 5 part series with interactive question....
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Interactive Q & A

Wednesdays @ 20:45

Interactive Q & A with Rabbi Tatz, Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz and Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb. Hosted by....
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Rabbis Unscripted

Thursdays @ 20:00

Rabbis Unscripted Series 3 We are proud to announce a Brand New Series of Rabbis Unscripted!  ....
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Soul Fitness

Wednesdays @ 20:00

Lockdown 3 could mean more frustration, doom-scrolling and anxiety...OR it could be an inward-bound ....
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Coffee & Bru

Sunday Mornings

Challenge yourself with thought provoking subjects and discussion with Rabbi Tatz - just online Pre....
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Philosophy for the Curious

Tuesdays @ 20:00

Curious is Back But with a twist Instead of history, Rabbi Hersh will be giving a three part serie....
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Jladies Learning Lounge - Winter Sessions

Tuesdays @ 20:00

Join us for a fantastic learning programme, in a chilled and relaxing virtual environment with our g....
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Women's Learning Academy

Mons @ 20:00 Weds @ 11:00

Come and study spirituality, philosophy and text with international educators and teachers. Sponso....
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